2008 – Reduce Idling Now – City of London Report

What are the annual benefits if every driver of a light-duty vehicle in London reduced
their amount of idling by 20 percent per year (or about one minute per day?
¯ 1,548,000 iitres of fuel, a non-renewable resource, would be saved.
¯ Almost $1.9 million would be saved by London drivers every year.
¯ 3,760 tonnes of greenhouse gas would not be produced (enough GHG to fill over 2,200
NHL-sized hockey rinks).
¯ 22,580 trees would have to be planted to have the same benefit.
¯ 2,670 vehicles would have to be taken off the road to have the same benefit.


Post Carbon London Supports a Moratorium




Report: Driver Behaviour Affecting Fuel Consumption [1998] NRCAN


Live Counter: Fuel Consumed From Unneccessary Idling

Amount of Fuel Consumed From Unneccessary Idling

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