Outsourcing Of Drive-Thru Order Takers! (Seriously)

From The Charlotte Observer:

“That crackling voice taking your order at a fast-food drive-through may come from a lot farther away than the restaurant: Try Texas,or even overseas.

San Diego-based Jack in the Box has tested outsourced drive-through order-taking since mid-2008 at seven of its 30 Charlotte-area restaurants. Spokeswoman Kathleen Anthony declined to specify the locations, though workers at the Cotswold restaurant in Charlotte recently said their restaurant uses the system.

The technology is intended to improve speed, accuracy and service, freeing up restaurant employees to process orders, accept payment and address other needs, Anthony said. The chain has not reduced staffing as a result of the remote order-taking, and the restaurants can turn the system on and off as they wish, she said.

Still, it’s piqued curiosity among local customers who have encountered heavy accents with order-takers, then rounded the bend to find different people handing them food…”


I can’t believe this isn’t a headline for The Onion. Many of already know I have a lot of issues with outsourcing and so called “free trade”, but even those of you who believe the earth is flat have to admit this story is insane.

We’re asking 300 million Americans to compete with over 6 billion people, many of which will work for a couple of bucks a day. I’m all for helping other countries build their economies, but if you haven’t noticed, we need a little help building ours at the moment and unemployment is very high. 

I’m referring to the *actual* unemployment amount, not the bullshit number that don’t include people who’ve given up looking for work or people who can’t get the full time hours they need and or people who’ve been forced to take jobs with shit pay just to avoid losing their house, etc.

And even if you don’t see the very valid and real problems with free trade/outsourcing, hopefully you can acknowledge that outsourcing Drive-Thru order taking jobs is a BAD idea. It’s already impossible to understand what the person is saying over the crackly speaker (and for them to understand you), and this just makes it more likely your order will be wrong and that you’ll end up frustrated or pissed off.




Identifying Factors In Fatal Driving Accidents

Executive Summary
In 2000, 5,211 persons were killed and about 140,000 were injured in crashes
involving large trucks. The purpose of this study is to explain the unsafe driver
actions and conditions that are more likely in fatal crashes between cars and
large trucks than in fatal crashes between cars and to identify strategies for educating
motorists in safe driving practices that will help them avoid such crashes.