A-Channel Video – July 15th 2008 Public Participation Meeting


City of London Planning Report | Meeting held on July 15th, 2008

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Meeting held on July 15, 2008, commencing at 4:07 p.m at Centennial Hall.
PRESENT: Councillor J. P. Bryant (Chair), Mayor A. M. DeCicco-Best, Controllers G. Barber
and W. J. Polhill and Councillors N. Branscombe, R. Caranci and P. Van Meerbergen and L. J.
Fisher (Secretary).
ALSO PRESENT: Councillors J. L. Baechler, S. E. Eagle, P. Hubert, W. Lonc, B. R. MacDonald
and C. Miller (all part-time), R. Panzer, J. Barber, G. Barrett, L. Burgess, B. Henry, C. Parker, J.
Skimming and J. Stanford.