Yes, we’re anti-car | Comox drive-thru ban

Yes, we’re anti-car

Comox Valley Echo October 5, 2009

The "Drive-Thru" people have really gone too far this time. Who do they think they are? Much as they would like to think so, they do not have a God given right to erect drive-thrus wherever they please. They do so at the discretion of the local councils who, presumably, are following the will of their electorates.

In the latest full page ad the Pro Drive-Thru folks continue their campaign of intimidation and misinformation.

The first line of the ad says "Most people don’t want a ban" Says who? If you’re going to make a statement like that you are obliged to back it up with statistics. In my unofficial survey, I have found no-one in favour of maintaining unlimited drive-thrus. The second line of the ad says "Drive-thrus are important to seniors …" How condescending! I am a senior and I have no intention of ever using a drive-thru. I am a frequent patron of the Guthrie/Anderton Tim Hortons and, on most days, the seating area is filled mostly with seniors. They have taken the time to park and sit down with friends to enjoy a coffee and some Tim Bits. By and large, the drive-thru seems to be utilized by young, healthy people who are, one would surmise, too rushed or too lazy to follow suit.

Drive-thrus are a blight on the landscape and if you need any proof just drive down the main street of Parksville or Nanaimo. Is that what we want Comox to look like? Of course not. Some time back a senior VP of Tim Hortons cried that a ban on drive-thrus is "anti car". That was meant as a complaint but, in reality, he unwittingly spoke the truth. Of course it’s anti-car. That’s what this is all about. The citizens of Comox want to see the diminishing of the auto’s impact on our town. What we want is a townscape centered on people and people-powered transportation.

And lastly, who is behind this expensive, lengthy attempt to defeat our motion? The truth lies in the website listed at the bottom of the ad; Check it out. It is funded by the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association. So here we have an industry association who don’t like being told that they can’t practise their business wherever they want. Well, I for one, thinks it’s high time they we showed these high-priced lobbyists the door and took our town back.

Please join me on October 7 and help this motion to pass.

Andrew Clarke


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