Tim Hortons & the CRFA Bring out the Blue T-Shirts Again as Comox Tries to Ban Future Drive-thrus

May 29 2009: The Human Impact Report is the first consolidated volume specifically and exclusively focused on the adverse impacts of climate change on human society across the world. “The role of this report is to document the greatest ongoing silent crisis of human history.” – Kofi Annan

Meanwhile … here in Canada and now in the U.S. as political leaders try to show desperately needed leadership – Tim Hortons, supported the Food and Restaurant Associations in Canada and the United States are investing massive sums of money to protect a multi-billion dollar fast food industry – 60% of which is done at the drive-through window.

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This strategy of “manufacturing scientific uncertainty” comes directly from the industry’s denialism playbook. The industry invests big money for public relations campaign to raise doubts about the increasingly definitive scientific evidence. They realize that if you could argue about the science, then you can stop municipalities from trying to address the problem. If the new ‘science’ which is bought and paid by industry doesn’t work, they fall back on the argument of ‘choice’ – whatever the risk to society, it the citizens right to do so. This is just another example of industry’s scientific consultants who specialize in product defense. Not unlike tobacco, oil and climate change. Corporate spin experts have recognized that manufacturing doubt works and if they do it well they can stop government legislation, or at least slow them down for years. This is a growing trend that disingenuously demands proof over precaution in the realm of public health.

Opposition to drive-thru ban builds

By Christiana Wiens, Comox Valley Echo September 29, 2009

The public hearing is a little more than a week away but opposition to a new bylaw to curb the number of drive-thru restaurants in Comox is percolating fast.

Tim Hortons staff wore bright blue "don’t ban drive-thrus" T-shirts this week and asked their customers to sign off on a note advising council to "Let’s allow drive thrus in Comox. Vote against the ban."

"At this stage of the game we’re in the final stretch," said Tim Hortons’ owner John Brocklehurst. He figures that the signed notes could sway councillors’ votes.

"It’s overwhelming – the last count I saw was 800 forms and that was only six hours into it," he said Friday.

Brochures telling customers to call their councillors and listing their phone numbers were also handed out to anyone who wanted them.

"The numbers are just lifted off the town’s website," he said.

The campaign was active at all three of the Valley’s Tim Hortons restaurants and the Comox McDonald’s.

However it’s supported by the Comox Drive-Thru Restaurant Coalition, made up of all the Valley’s drive-thru facilities, including the White Spot Triple O facilities at Chevron gas stations.

Town councillors who support the bylaw insist it’s not a ban on drive-thrus. Rather, it’s capping the number of locations that can have them.

Brocklehurst said he didn’t believe the language and T-shirts was misleading.

"Hopefully, they’re making it clear it only affects future drive thrus," he said.

At McDonald’s, manager Terry Denouden said there was some confusion around the ban.

"There are some mixed messages – some people think they’re going to take us take the drive thru down. They don’t know they’re going to allow us to keep the ones we have right now."

If the bylaw proceeds, it will limit drive-thru restaurants to the current McDonalds and Tim Hortons site, and the new strip mall across the street where A & W Restaurant and the TD Bank are both expected to have a drive-thru alongside the Shopper’s Drug Mart.

The vacant lot diagonally across from McDonalds won’t be able to have a drive-thru facility, as was previously planned.

However, there is also room for two drive-thru’s at the corner of McDonald and Guthrie where developer Harold Long hopes his application will be grandfathered as it was submitted before the drive-thru bylaw passed first reading.

The campaign runs from Friday until the night of the public hearing Oct. 7.


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