Perinton reviews drive-through policy

Perinton reviews drive-through policy

Ernst Lamothe Jr. • Staff writer • August 22, 2009

PERINTON — With the town of Perinton expecting continued commercial growth, officials have commissioned a study to examine future policy for new drive-through businesses.

The town paid Bergmann and Associates $6,500 for the study that should be completed by the end of the year. The firm’s principal planner, Andrew Raus, who is also a Perinton resident, will lead the project.

The proposal calls for the firm to draft drive-through regulations in conjunction with the town’s code for commercial districts, limited commercial districts and special-use permits. The town code states any drive-through or drive-up window must have a minimum of 10 parking spaces and demonstrate that it will not be detrimental to on-site traffic patterns. The town and planning boards will review the recommendations.

"Drive-throughs are something that residents have mixed emotions, with some people really thinking it is convenient and some people hating them," said Mike Doser, director of code enforcement and development. "Because of that, we hope this study gives us an idea about how to go forward with drive-through developments in town."

Brighton had a townwide ban on drive-throughs until the Town Board updated its town code in 1994. In the village of Pittsford, drive-through banking is permitted, but drive-through restaurants are banned. In the past few years, officials have heard Perinton residents voice strong opposition against them.

James Smith, Perinton supervisor, said that now was the right time to authorize the study, while there was a lull in these types of projects coming before the board.

"It’s not that we are unhappy with anything we did in the past," said Smith. "It’s just that drive-throughs are becoming a standard request with commercial development, and we don’t think it works as an amenity in all circumstances."

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