Tim Hortons Infamous Greenwash Drive-thru Campaign Duplicated in Comex

Comox Valley Record

Drive-thru ban opposed

John Brocklehurst hopes the community will tell Comox council how it feels about the proposed drive-thru ban. Photo by Colleen Dane

Comox Valley Record


By Colleen Dane – Comox Valley Record

Published: June 18, 2009 6:00 PM

Comox quick-service restaurant owners are asking the community to help them fight a proposed future ban on drive-thrus in the town.

On Wednesday, members of the Comox Valley Drive-Through Coalition were handing out pamphlets at the Comox Tim Hortons and McDonalds asking people to contact local council with their comments on the proposed ban.

“The concern is from the perspective that they’re taking choices away from the customers — even if it may or may not affect us (as businesses) in the future,” said John Brocklehurst, owner of the Tim Hortons in Comox.

“There’s a lot of people that have mobility issues … or they have children in the car, or they’re just in a hurry,” said Brocklehurst. “Just the fact that drive-thrus exist show that people want them.”

In April, Comox council raised the idea of banning future drive-thrus after approving the second stage of the Shoppers Drug Mart complex at the corner of Anderton and Guthrie.

Councillors in favour of the proposal said that it would be a benefit to the environment and the community by encouraging less car-dependency and minimizing emissions.

Those against the idea said that there are people who rely on drive-thrus, and that banning them would put the town at a competitive disadvantage in attracting businesses.

The issue has split the council down the middle. Staff were asked to look into the proposal further to see what other municipalities were doing in regards to drive-thrus. That report is expected back next week.

That’s why Brocklehurst said they have decided to launch the public campaign. He said studies commissioned by Tim Hortons show there is no environmental benefit to banning drive-thrus — for example, because it generally means more paving to accommodate increased parking requirements.

“The people we have been talking to are certainly behind our position,” said Brocklehurst.

For more information from the coalition, visit http://www.drivethrufacts.ca.



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David Spratt, Philip Sutton, Climate Code Red, Australia, Published July, 2008

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