Asthma Tech by Jonathan Ng | National Film Board

Filmmaker Jonathan Ng turns the notion of otherness on its head in his semi-autobiographical animated short about young, whimsical, asthmatic Winston. As a result of his illness, Winston is unable to participate in the everyday activities of his peers and classmates. But thanks to his artistic ability Winston learns to use his imagination to escape his real life existence.

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Worldwide Statistics: Eight thousand people a day die from air pollution. There are 3 million annual deaths, worldwide. In Canada toxic emissions from transportation continue to rise drastically. Vehicles are the primary sources of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, particulates and benzene, a carcinogen. In the past 15 years alone, there has been a fourfold increase in asthma in children under 15 in Canada. In fact, the Ontario Medical Association estimated that health care costs caused by poor air quality in 2000 would amount to nearly $630 million, not to mention the $566 million in costs due to workers taking sick days. We are in a world wide public health crisis epidemic as a direct result of air pollution amidst a climate change crisis that threatens human survival on this earth – expanding services which promote unnecessary idling for convenience is not only reckless and irresponsible – it is the absolute opposite direction we need to be taking.

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Not Idling Your Vehicle Saves You Money and the Environment

Idling achives 0 (zero) miles per gallon (mpg). Don’t idle your vehicle for more than 30 seconds. Don’t warm up your vehicle, it’s not necessary. Save both gas money and the environment from harmful carbon dioxide and other poisonous gasses. Global warming or climate change are serious problems that we all impact. Do your part and save some green at the same time.

U.S. Corporation Tim Hortons Supercedes Government Again – This Time Municipal

Tim Hortons Cross-checks City Into Submission

by Lloyd Alter, Toronto on 11.13.08

tim hortonThe late Tim Horton never let anyone push him around, and neither does his eponymous coffee chain. They just body-checked and high-sticked the City of Toronto into submission on its plans to reduce waste, so much of which comes from that one hugely successful chain.

The City calls it a “compromise”.

“This allows industry and leaders like Tim Hortons to sit down with the city on how we are actually going to reduce the volume of garbage going into our garbage dumps,” said committee chairman Glenn De Baeremaeker “How do we get 365 million coffee cups out of the garbage stream and into the recycling stream?”

Simple. You dump them on his doorstep. But Timmy stomped his skates and refused to change his cups or lids, or to contribute to the three million dollar cost of recycling machinery to separate them. And for some reason, he got his way.

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Time For Canadians to Boycott Tim Hortons

Time For Canadians to Boycott Tim Hortons

by Lloyd Alter, Toronto on 11. 5.08

tim hortons gravenhurst photo

Two weeks ago I stopped at the Timmys just south of Gravenhurst, shown above, and walked to the edge of their parking lot with the puppy. Two feet beyond the edge of their own parking lot was this view.

That is what Tim Horton’s is like. They sell 80% of the coffee in Canada and they really don’t care what happens two feet beyond the edge of their property. So what if this is the view from the parking lot in the middle of scenic Muskoka.

another view from the Gravenhurst Tim Horton parking lot

The City of Toronto has complained before that it is tired of cleaning it up; Councillor Gord Perks said last year:

The city of Toronto, both in households, in street cleaning and in our parks, is paying for the fact the province will not regulate packaging and will not make the manufacturers and producers of that waste pay the cost of cleaning it up – which means the property taxpayer has to pay for it (and) we have to spend precious dollars from our parks department.”

Timmy’s spokesperson responded that “Tim Hortons urges customers not to litter, has placed recycling bins outside its outlets, and is a sponsor of the city’s annual spring cleanup.”

Now they have gone to war with the City, which wants them to redesign their cup. The City complains that a cardboard cup with a plastic lid screws up the recycling process by contaminating the paper with plastic. The city also wants stores to offer a 20 cent discount for those who bring their own mugs.

Spokesman Nick Javor responded that the company will “absolutely not” redesign its cups to suit Toronto, said Javor, who says plastic lids are the only leak-proof products on the market.

On the other hand, StarbucksScryve Corporate Social Responsibility Rating is “currently engaged with city officials in “very productive meetings” aimed at making their cups recyclable.”

tim hortons corner photo
Did I say they didn’t care about two feet beyond?

Perhaps it’s time for us to tell Tim Horton’s what we think. Perhaps they should provide decent and adequate garbage handling and recycling at all of their stores. Perhaps they should try and cooperate with the City in dealing with their corporate detritus. Perhaps they should put a deposit on every paper cup so that the jerks who throw them onto the ground will be encouraged to bring them back.

Perhaps Canadians should buy their coffee somewhere else until they start taking responsibility for the garbage they generate.

Globe and Mail
and Toronto Star

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Drive-thru Banking | To curb smog, banks ask customers to cut engines

Zions Bank is asking its customers to turn the key on air pollution.

In a voluntary effort to help clean up Utah’s smog, all Zions locations are asking their customers to cut their engines when waiting in line at the drive-through.
Bank patrons who use the pneumatic tubes are greeted by large stickers reading, “Turn your key, be idle free. By turning your engine off when waiting, you will breathe easier and save gas.”
The statewide campaign originated in Salt Lake City, where the city was partnering with businesses “to identify ways to educate the public on ways to improve our air quality,” said Rob Brough, executive vice president for Zions Bank. “The drive-through seemed like the logical way.”
The effort to encourage less pollution among its customers is an acknowledgment that the Wasatch Front has a problem. Noting that more than half of Utah’s air pollution comes from vehicle exhaust, the Environmental Protection Agency encourages drivers to turn off their engines anytime a vehicle is going to idle longer than 30 seconds and is not in traffic.
“We recognize that where we are situated here, both in Utah County and in Salt Lake Valley, with the mountains that sort of surround us, it builds up and collects and the air quality is not where we would like it,” Brough said.
Only time will tell if the campaign has a measurable effect, he said. In the meantime, the campaign has garnered positive comments from customers.
“We are a community bank and we live in this community with our families as well, and we all benefit by having cleaner air,” he said.
Joe Thomas of the Utah Division of Air Quality said the program is such a good idea that he himself cuts his engine anytime he’s at any bank drive-through.
If a car is going to be running on idle for several minutes, cutting the engine is a simple and easy way to improve gas mileage, he said. There is a nationwide program to encourage school bus drivers to reduce idle time as well.
“Definitely when the car is idling, you just wasted energy,” Thomas said. “You aren’t doing anything.”
Cutting the engine in a bank drive-through is an especially good idea because in between filling out paperwork and having a conversation with the teller, the transaction could take several minutes, he said.
For information on state efforts to encourage drivers to reduce idle time when driving, visit

Resist Do Not Comply

Nikki Craft, Lierre Keith and Derrick Jensen collaborating on a music video about catastrophic climate change, arctic animals, and militant direct action.

You can help by passing this information on:

Nikki Craft, Lierre Keith, and Derrick Jensen are collaborating in this music video about catastrophic climate change, arctic animals, and militant direct action. This ten minute video is a call on activists to discuss and seriously consider militant tactics and direct action in defense of all life on the planet.

If you find the link to this video is broken or if you need more information go to and/or join the Facebook group Resist Do Not Comply at…

Read the two-volume book, Endgame, by Derrick Jensen if you want specific ideas for strategy and activism.

You can help by sharing this information with your friends, all the social networking sites, and appropriate Facebook groups. For more information, or if you would like your own copy of this video to directly upload to sites, please send a friend request to Nikki Craft on Facebook ( aft/731530378) or off FB contact her at If you share this video, and we hope you will, please include all text herein.

You Can Help! Hand Out These Flyers to Idling Cars

Idle-Wise campaign: One small action by a single person does have enormous impact.  Alone, it is a symbol – an example to many others.  When multiplied over hundreds, thousands and millions, it can be world-changing.  One small action every person can take is to shut off their vehicle if idling for 10 seconds or more, and to urge others do the same.  Turning off your engine saves gas and money, as well as cutting down on CO2 and air pollution.  We no longer accept people littering or giving us their second hand cigarette smoke.  Vehicle idling has even more serious implications, so let’s shut off our idle engines and educate other people to do the same.