QSR Magazine Requests ‘Death of the Drive-thru’ be Removed from Our Site

UPDATE: On April 22nd we received a very respectful and polite communication from the production manager of QSR.  The communication stated that they (QSR) appreciated the interviews granted by our members used in the article, however, due to QSR’s copyright policy, we cannot be granted permission to post the entire content of this article.  They stated they would be pleased for our site to post a link to the article.  The communication also stated due to procedure (QSR & WordPress) it was perhaps interpreted as rigid or hostile – this was not the intent of QSR.


Here is the following request we received from WordPress.  We have cooperated & removed this posting from our site as per the request – even though two of our members who were contacted for comments are featured in the interview.  Since this time we have written to QSR requesting their permission to post this article.  They have yet to respond.  The journalist has responded expressing his regrets as he has sold the rights to the article.  He suggested that we contact QSR. – Council of Canadians | London

The following text is the request sent to WordPress:

“To Whom it May Concern:

The following URL contains an article that is posted without permission of QSR Magazine, the copyright holder:


Specifically, the article “The Death of Drive-Thru?” is reproduced in its entirety, followed by a link to the article as it appears on our website. [http://www.qsrmagazine.com/articles/features/120/emissions-1.phtml]

Per the terms of the contract with Jamie Hartford (the author), Journalistic, Inc., publisher of QSR Magazine, owns all rights to the content. The individual/individuals reproducing this article did not receive permission from us to post it. Had they inquired, we would have allowed a teaser blurb or a direct link to our site, but would not have allowed the article to appear in its entirety.

I do believe in good faith that the use of the content mentioned above is not authorized by law, and I can verify that indeed I am a person authorized to act on behalf of Journalistic, Inc. / QSR Magazine.

We would ask that the aforementioned article be removed from the site.


Mitch Avery
Production Manager
QSR Magazine”


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