Canada is one huge drive-thru for Tim Hortons

‘One huge drive-thru’

Posted 5 days ago

Aside from its signature coffee, the only Tim Hortons’ product more delightful than a Boston cream donut is two Boston cream donuts.

At least that’s the word from CBC-TV commentator and radio host Rex Murphy, who sang the praises of the Canadian coffee chain last week during his weekly rant.

Murphy was reacting to what he described as “alarming news” out of his home province of Newfoundland and Labrador. In St. John’s, city politicians were considering bylaws that would curb or eliminate car lineups that always seem to form outside Tim Hortons outlets from coast to coast.

Close to home, it’s not hard to find a string of vehicles approaching the lone Tim Hortons location in Okotoks. The drive-thru lineup frequently extends to Westridge Drive, as Timmy lovers patiently — or not so patiently — wait for their fix.

In Newfoundland, it seems, safety had become such a concern that city hall was under pressure from local residents to go so far as to ban drive-thru restaurants.

“What is going on with my home and native land?” responded Murphy, who would buy none of that argument — but apparently plenty of Tim Hortons coffee.

“Canada is one huge drive-thru for Tim Hortons. For God’s sake, there’s only one thing working in this country. Leave it alone.”

He countered that governments spend billions of dollars on businesses that don’t work, and that it wouldn’t make sense to slow down one of Canada’s most successful businesses, not to mention a cultural phenomena.

Murphy targeted “the high-end Starbucks crowd” for trying to shoot down Tim Hortons, the venerable Canadian institution born in 1964.

He reasoned that Tim Hortons represented somewhat of “a coffee parliament” for everyday Canadians, who love to gather at outlets across the country to talk about news, weather and sports, and all things in between.

In many cases, the arguments, or healthy debates, make more sense than the childish partisanship that often prevails on Parliament Hill, especially in recent months.

Shooting down any threat to Tim Hortons’ drive-thru service, Murphy said it’s only proper that the coffee shops be within “salivating reach of all Canadians.”

Tim Hortons, after all, is “paradise with a chocolate coating,” he said.


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  1. What an idiot. they’re not talking aobut banning Tim Hortons, they are talking about driv-thrus. On top of the safety risk, how good can it for our air when tens of thousands of cars sit idling daily because people are too lazy to get off their arses and walk in for a cup of coffee?
    Oh yeah, we certainly don’t need any exercise either….

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