EDITORIAL | The road to hell is paved with good intentions – and drive-thrus | Grand Falls-Windsor


We are all at fault
The road to hell is paved with good intentions – and drive-thrus.

In St. John’s, the city council has placed a moratorium on new drive-thru applications.

In this case, the unfortunate business sparking the moratorium was – three guesses and the first two don’t count – was Tim Horton’s.

The city claims the lineups are resulting in a real bottleneck on Topsail Road, one of the main thoroughfares in the “City of Legends.”

Here in Grand Falls-Windsor, drivers can certainly relate. You’re heading down Cromer Avenue, maybe late for an appointment and held up by an 18-wheeler getting ready to pull into Canadian Tire or whatever with a load of hardware, Christmas merchandise or other seasonal stuff.

You wait for the big mama to turn off the main drag and breathe a sign of relief, because, gosh darn it, you’re late for work because of “da big twuck, Daddy!” But then there’s the lineup for the drive-thrus. Once again, you’re stuck in traffic, thanks to a traffic backlog, especially if you have the bad fortune of being stuck in the outside lane and find it difficult to switch lanes.

It’s a bit easier for us central Newfoundlanders to navigate through the drive-thru lineups, as we don’t have as much traffic and less chance of some disgruntled St. John’s driver rolling down the window and yelling out “Jeez, b’ys! Wadda ya at? Was da hang up, buddy?! Keep yer eyes on d’ road because if ya don’t I’ll get out of me car, rip yer eyes out and show ’em to ya before ya goes blind!”

Who’s responsible for the traffic drive-thru hang-ups? Is it Tim’s, McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, or any restaurant with a drive thru?

If you’re in some part of the U.S., you can get instant salvation with “drive-thru churches.” What does the customer say here? “I’ll have a ‘double-double’ sermon with a bit of Communion wine on the side.” What next – getting your Holy Wafer thru a Holy Automated Banking Machine? There’s also “drive thru funeral homes” in other parts of America, where you can drive by and see the dearly departed in a department-store-type window in the latest model of coffin.

One can get mad at Tim’s, Mickey D’s, or the Colonel, but they’re really not the ones to blame for drive-thru congestion. The culprits here, individually, are the people who (disabled and people with small kids in the back excepted) are just too lazy to get out of their vehicles. It’s ironic that in order to save time and energy, you sit in an idling car for more than 20 minutes just to get a caffeine fix.

Some businesses could do more than increase efficiency, admittedly – bigger parking lots for more people to leave their vehicles and go in to pick up their food. And when you think about it, if you go into a coffee shop or restaurant, it’s worth your time in more ways than one. We can take our cue from our European friends, and even from some of our fellow Newfoundlanders in enjoying the experience of sharing food and good conversation. Wait in the line up inside the building to order your food and drink, and enjoy chatting with or just listening to the people around you. Complain about your employer, catch up with old friends, relax and sip on your hot drinks if you don’t have to get back to work right away.

Slow down. The world will revolve without you. God Himself rested on the seventh day, and didn’t make man and woman just so they could build drive-in restaurants. Save the environment, get active and enjoy other people’s company.

Support the businesses, but forget about the drive-thrus.

Sue Hickey


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