Drive-thru backups clogging city roads | Edmonton


Drive-thru may cause backups

Edmonton — Caffeine-deprived drivers waiting for their morning Tim Hortons fix are brewing a fresh pot of trouble in Edmonton, say frustrated drivers.

“It’s a traffic hazard,” said Atul Desai, who splits his time between Fort McMurray and Edmonton.

“There’s so much traffic on the road. It clogs the traffic.”

Such comments came after municipal politicians in St. John’s, Nfld. passed a motion banning new drive-thrus – unless businesses can prove their customers won’t back up streets.

But Edmonton is facing the exact problem, said resident Daryl Cardinal, who worries cars spilling beyond drive-thru lines and onto busy streets will cause crashes.

Drivers should park their rides and walk into restaurants to order, said the irked construction worker.

In a statement, a Tim Hortons spokesman said the company is taking steps to address such woes.

“Tim Hortons is continuously working on making our sites better to serve our customers faster,” Rachel Douglas said.

“We will continue to work with the city to find solutions wherever possible to address traffic concerns.”

Yet, some Edmontonians said the onus to resolve this issue should rest with consumers – not corporations.

“I don’t think Tim Hortons could do anything differently,” said Jilian Campbell. “They’re just operating a business.

“But I just think people on the roads need to leave space in between each other and let other people who aren’t going through the drive-thru drive through.”

— With files from The Canadian Press


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