Board of Trade and Corner Brook Mayor Against Drive-Thru Moratorium

January 7, 2009

The President of the St. John’s Board of Trade says a moratorium on fast-food drive thrus isn’t necessary. Council imposed the moratorium after concerns of traffic jams and safety risks. The motion requires businesses to prove that traffic won’t spill onto public roads before they’re allowed to set up a drive-thru. President Donna Stone says public safety is top priority, but she says a drive thru component is very important to some businesses. She’s hoping both sides will come together to work out an agreement.

Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender says a moratorium on fast food drive-thrus is not something his council is considering. (The City of St. John’s has issued such a moratorium amid concerns over traffic jams, especially during the morning rush hour.) Mayor Pender says the issue has never come up at council even though he has noticed some congestion, especially on O’Connell Drive. Mayor Pender says the problem is with the drivers and not the business owners and it’s never a good move to deter businesses from opening up shop. Pender says issues with traffic congestion should be left to the police since it’s their responsibility to ensure safe driving. As well, he says motorists know the rules of the road and that it is illegal to block traffic.


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