Banning new drive-throughs small step for Londoners


Banning new drive-throughs small step for Londoners – July 7th, 2008 – London Freepress

Parking your car, or better yet, walking or biking to restaurants, is a small price to pay to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions, despite the strongly negative response from Tim Hortons and other corporations that make their profits at drive-through windows.

Companies like Tim Hortons need to understand that many of us are still willing to buy their coffee, even if we have to walk to get it.

I work with farmers in Malawi, Africa, who are struggling to adapt farming practices in response to increased and more severe droughts as a result of climate change. It doesn’t seem much to ask Canadians to park their cars and walk, if farmers in Africa have to go to such lengths to cope with the effects of carbon emissions, the majority of which are from our part of the world. If more of us walked and biked, it would make for a better community.

Let’s take this small step for London and the world, by banning future drive-through development.

Rachel Bezner Kerr


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