Drive-through dustup begins

Drive-through dustup begins

Tue, July 15, 2008


Hundreds of Londoners packed Centennial Hall today for a public hearing on proposed restrictions on fast-food drive-throughs in the city.

An overwhelming majority of the crowd, most of them fast-food workersm, sported blue campaign t-shirts distributed by the fast-food industry as part of a campaign against any bans on drive-throughs.

City council’s planning committee is holding the meeting to let the public weigh in on proposed curbs to on drive-through locations, aesthetics, traffic, noise and other issues.

The city is trying to clarify rules for drive-throughs in its official plan, its blueprint for growth.

While most in the crowd were there representing or supporting the industry, others included citizens’ groups, such as environmentalists, fringe political parties and neighbourhood activists.

Advocates for the disabled — many of whom support drive-throughs — were also there.

“We are here to say drive-throughs have absolutely no place in areas abutting residential neighbourhoods,” said John Fracasso, of the Picadilly Area Neighbourhood Association.

Said Zachary Young, a concerned citizen, said the planning committee has no business trying to regulate drive-throughs.

“London has one of the highest unemployment rates in Canada. How can you, in good conscience, argue for more regulation on local business, given the high regulation has had to date,” he demanded of the committee.


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