Environmental Consciousness Suggestion made to the TDL Group [Tim Horton’s] – July 13th, 2008

TDL Group,
Tim Horton’s

Dear Nick Javor,

A while ago I contacted you to inform you of an idea that we at the Council of Canadians – London Chapter – Environment & Climate Change Committee, under our ‘Clean Air for Children’ campaign had come up with that could well serve to prompt some of your customers to walk into your establishments to make their purchases instead of using the drive-through. If you do not recall, we had suggested you give those who park and walk in a nominal discount on their purchase, coffee or as many of their purchased items you could justify. It took some time before you responded with what we unfortunately have to consider to be a less than responsible dismissal given our thoughts regarding the valuable message that you would be sending.

As you might well expect, we have another idea that we would like you to consider. Our motivation, as before, is to find a way to prompt your customers to consider how their actions affect the health of others and our environment when making their purchases at your establishments. This time, once again, we are reaching out and offering to help you put together the details of how you can help us accomplish this goal.

The idea is very simple actually. Your customers, the ones who are so inclined to decide to partake in the use of the drive-through service, and have no visible mobility challenges, would be encouraged to make a voluntary contribution to a fund designed to offset the additional vehicle emissions that they are creating while making their purchase in such a way. They could be then seen as giving back something for the real consequences of their desire to take advantage of the convenience you are providing with these facilities instead of just offsetting the very negative results to others.

What we would be very pleased to do is engage with you in determining what would be the most appropriate way to allocate the funds collected. Some of the possibilities would be the local hospital patient care delivery wards that deal with the multitude of chronic diseases children are afflicted with that can be attributed to vehicle emissions or perhaps any one of the existing carbon offset programs or even one specifically designed to suit the message being sent and providing measurable relief to the planet for what is being done to it through the continued growth in the drive-through industry.

We have seen that you are not averse to the concept of having your employee’s wear shirts with a message, hand out leaflets, encourage customers to sign petitions and of course, run messages on the video display terminals, segments on other forms of media and have your representatives ‘spread the word’ during the past few weeks. And all of this has been for purposes that according to many of your own customers who have contacted us, appears to be more self serving, from an economic perspective and quite frankly downright misleading liberalizations of the truth than any other corporation in the industry has the nerve to publicly state. The editor and others at the London Free Press, The Londoner, ‘A’ Channel, London Topic and the City of London Staff and elected officials have tried set the record straight on this issue and what is up for discussion and unbelievably, up to yesterday for sure, Tim Horton’s carries on with its campaign of scaring the daylights out of its employee’s and demanding that they spread misinformation to your customers.  It would be our hope that there would be an acknowledgement that some sort of Public Relations campaign was in order to salvage your reputation and our suggestion may be just the vehicle to get you there.

Please let us know when you wish to speak with us and perhaps we can coincide the launch of this new program of yours with our plan to have our members inform your customers exiting the drive-throughs of how they can help militate against the negative environmental and health related consequences of their chosen actions. To be fair, as we always try and be, we plan to congratulate those who elect to park and shut their vehicle off before entering your facilities.


Kevin Lomack
Cory Morningstar
Council of Canadians
London Chapter
Environment & Climate Change Committee


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