Where Do We Idle

A lot of idling is done while waiting in line at drive-thrus. If you buy a coffee five days a week, and typically wait three minutes in line at a drive-thru to get it, in just one year you would save almost $100 by parking and going inside to get your coffee.

Drive thrus (bank, fast food, coffee, liquor store), schools, corner stores, construction line ups, malls, friend’s houses, long traffic lights. Where do you idle?

So here’s your 10 mins of idling:

You get your morning coffee: 3 minutes

You wait at the construction: 4 mins

You wait to pick your colleague to car pool: 2 mins

You check phone messages and program music while car is on before driving away: 1 min

Average idling time spent at a Tim Horton’s drive-thru:

Daily emissions at one Tim Horton’s outlet:

  • University of Alberta estimates 385 kilograms of CO2 emissions per day.

**Study undertaken by University of Alberta of a Tim Horton’s in Edmonton over a 54 hour period.

Fast food drive-thru average times, according to Fast Food News:

  • Wendy’s 2:25 minutes
  • TacoBell 2:60 minutes
  • McDonald’s 2:70 minutes
  • Burger King 2:76 minutes

Other places we also tend to idle are:

  • Construction sites on the road
  • Gas line ups
  • Car washes
  • Schools

Therefore when you are waiting to pick up your child from school, or in a line of traffic at a construction site, turn off your car. Not only will turning off your car save the environment but it will also save your money and reduce the wear on your cars engine. Better yet, go for a walk to pick up the kids from school and everyone can get some exercise!


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