What You Can Do to Help

Public Participation Meeting on Tuesday July 15th | 4pm | Centennial Hall.  Please come to show your support. You are welcome & encouraged to speak.  (limit 5 min.)

The city of London and its people must recognize that drive thrus are an incredible detriment to our environment and are a luxury item.  It comes down to this – Do we choose to protect and keep non essential items such as drive through or do we choose to re-design our planet in which future generation can live?   Our communities must start drastically cutting out emissions – drive- thrus should be viewed as a very simple place to start. The benefits are immense – environmental health, physical health.  People stepping out of their cars symbolize people re-engaging in community. Such a culture shift is a step to encourage people to slow down walk or bike, and to ride mass transit.  Slowing down is necessary in this fast-paced culture. We have to organize a resistance to the momentum of running.  If we learn how to slow down and nourish ourselves, we can pay more attention to living sustainably and mindfully in our communities.  Many of today’s problems are rooted in efficiency and convenience; we zoom from place to place without slowing down to enjoy the simple joys around us. Sustainable yet slower modes of transportation like walking and biking, getting us out of our cars and help us to do that. This gives us the clarity and mindfulness to recognize things as they are. When you are mindful, you recognize what is going on, what is happening in the here and now.  Without mindfulness we make and spend our money in ways that destroys us and other people. We use our wealth in such a way that we destroy ourselves and other people. Climate change is upon us – a grave threat to all life on this planet.  The time is now to place our environment and the health and well being of our children ahead of business interests and profits.  The well being of our citizens is the City of London’s mandate.  Quote – Vision London – London, The Forest City: We are a caring, responsive community committed to the health and well-being of all Londoners.  The actions we take will be socially, environmentally, and fiscally responsible so that out quality of life is enhanced and sustained for future generations.  Our people, heritage, diverse economy, strategic location, land and recourses are our strength. – Based on this vision in conjunction with the Stern Report, the city of London must, with urgency,  recommend that staff be directed to review the possibility of imposing a moratorium on all new commercial drive-through operations.


What you can do to help before Tuesday:

  1. Contact City Hall

Email or call.  Demand a healthy, sustainable city for our children.  A city built around people – not automobiles.  A city shaped by community, not industry. Cc your email to Lorelei Fisher (secretary) at: lfisher@london.ca

City of London – Board of Control

Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 4920
Email: adecicco-best@london.ca
Tom C. Gosnell (Deputy Mayor)
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 0332
Email: tgosnell@london.ca
Gina Barber – Board of Control
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 7011
Email: gbarber@london.ca
Gord Hume – Board of Control
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 4877
Email: ghume@london.ca
Bud Polhill – Board of Control
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 4882
Email: bpolhill@london.ca

City of London – Administration

Jeff Fielding – City Manager
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 4997
Email: jfielding@london.ca
Rob Panzer – General Manager Planning and Development
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 8435
Email: rpanzer@london.ca

City Councillors

Ward 1 – Roger Caranci
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 4597
Email: rcaranci@london.ca
Ward 2 – Bill Armstrong
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 4943
Email: barmstro@ondon.ca
Ward 3 – Bernie MacDonald
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 4884
Email: bmacdona@london.ca
Ward 4 – Stephen Orser
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 7012
Email: sorser@london.ca
Ward 5 – Joni Baechler
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 2444
Email: jbaechle@london.ca
Ward 6 – Nancy Branscombe
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 7014
Email: rbransco@london.ca
Ward 7 – Walter Lonc
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 7015
Email: wlonc@london.ca
Ward 8 – Paul Hubert
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 7016
Email: phubert@london.ca
Ward 10 – Paul Van Meerbergen
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 1558
Email: pvanmeer@london.ca
Ward 11 – David Winninger
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 6505
Email: dwinning@london.ca
Ward 12 – Harold Usher
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 4879
Email: husher@london.ca
Ward 13 – Judy Bryant
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 0370
Email: jbryant@london.ca
Ward 14 – Cheryl Miller
City Hall: 519.661.2500 ext 4880
Email: cmiller@london.ca

  1. Call your physician

As your doctor to support a moratorium on new drive-thrus.

  1. Write a letter to the editor

The London Free Press (email) letters@lfpress.com

The Londoner (email) pmcleod@thelondoner.ca

  1. Call your MPP and tell them you would like the province to do more to place moratoriums on all new drive-thrus and place a carbon surcharge tax on all existing drive-thru purchases.
  2. Send this site link https://drivethrulies.wordpress.com/ to friends, neighbors and others you believe are concerned.  Learn about the greenwashing efforts orchestrated by the industry.
  3. Call the media if you witness customers being harassed to sign petitions from industry. Call the London Free Press, the A-Channel, Rogers Television and local radio stations.
  4. POST the “No New Drive-thrus” posters and encourage others to do the same.

  1. Write to industry! Ask them to invest in our children’s future instead of an elaborate greenwash campaign. Ask them to STOP exploiting our youth, our people with disabilities & our environment.

Please contact Luc Erjavec CRFA’s Vice President, Atlantic Canada  at: lerjavec@crfa.ca 1.877.755.1938 or 1.902.425.0061

And American Owned Tim Hortons Contacts (TDL Group):

TDL Group – Nick Javor, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Affairs, 905-845-6511 javor_nick @ timhortons.com

9. Please Sign Our Petitions

Clean Air for Children:


Ban Drive-thrus In Canada:



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