Feasibility of Mandatory Installation of Idle Reduction Technologies

This is the recommendation to the transportation dept. from Toronto Public Health. The transportation dep’t now take carriage and look at the implications , then report through committee to council.


Vehicle idling is a preventable source of air pollution. This report responds to the Board
of Health’s request to report on the availability of anti-idling technologies and the
feasibility of phasing-in mandatory installation of such technology for motor vehicles
operating in the City of Toronto.
Available idle-reduction technologies range from technologies designed to monitor idling
behaviour to those that can be installed in the vehicle or in parking and rest stops. Some
issues that affect the feasibility of their mandatory installation include cost, jurisdictional
authority, driver preferences, and suitability for specific applications. Fleet Services is
already using and testing various idle-reduction technologies and the Toronto Transit
Commission and Fleet Services use hybrid vehicles which reduce idling in traffic.
Education, evaluation, and written policies are key to idle reduction strategies. Adoption
of idle-reduction technologies by businesses has likely been limited by lack of awareness
about available technologies and their potential pay-back over time by reducing fuel
consumption. Public Health, Transportation Services, Fleet Services, and the Toronto
Transit Commission already conduct some public education. Reducing the permitted
idling time in the City’s Idling Control Bylaw from three minutes to ten seconds would
help promote the message that idling is unnecessary, and aid enforcement and contribute
to a reduction of traffic related air pollution. The feasibility of amending the current
municipal bylaw to reduce permitted idling from three minutes to ten seconds should be


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