A ban on drive-thrus?

  • A member of Madison’s Plan Commission says fewer drive-thrus would be better for the environment
  • Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    Dump the drive-thru? A member of Madison’s Plan Commission says he’d like to ban them to fight global warming.

    Eric Sundquist, who was appointed to the panel last month, says it’s only his idea. Still, he says it is something that seriously needs more discussion.

    Sundquist, a policy analyst for the UW Center on Wisconsin Strategy, says cars put out too many greenhouse gases while waiting in line for burgers or whatever. He says it doesn’t make sense to idle cars for health and safety reasons and our society is going backwards because of it.

    Sundquist said he raised the issue when the Plan Commission was approving a drive-thru for a new Starbucks.

    He says more research is needed – but at least one California city has put restrictions on drive-thrus, along with a few places in Canada.

    Sundquist said the issue came up in Atlanta when he wrote for a newspaper there – but it never went anywhere.


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