London West NDP Riding Association Endorsement

To: Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco and London City Council.

Subject: CITY OF LONDON OFFICIAL PLAN/ZONlNG REFINEMENT REVIEW Regulation of Drive-Through Facilities

I am writing on behalf of the executive of the London West NDP Riding Association executive council to express our support for the City’s By-Law amendments to Drive-thru services as outlined in Agenda item 18 of the May 26, 2008 council agenda. As the background material in the agenda item makes clear, the proliferation of drive-thru facilities in London since 1996 has made analysis of their impact on traffic flow, noise and light pollution and disturbances, and air quality a priority. In light of the known environmental and health impacts of car exhaust we support a moratorium on further drive-thru construction and operation within the City of London.

Further, given the advances in long-range weather forecasting and air-quality monitoring, we believe drive-thru operations at food and coffee establishments should be restricted from operating on smog-advisory days, as well as on the two days preceding the smog advisory alert.

Finally, clear signage posted at the drive-thru establishments should indicate idling time is restricted to 1 minute, cite the appropriate city by-law and the fine for infractions.


Peter L Ferguson, President

London West NDP Riding Association


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