Waste-Free World Supports a Moratorium

To Whom It May Concern,
Waste Free World supports the London Chapter, Council of Canadians in its efforts to have all levels of government impose an immediate moratorium on new commercial drive-thru operations and establishing a timetable to phase out all existing drive-through operations through zoning or other by-laws.
Bold and creative steps must be taken to educate individuals on the harmful outcomes of vehicular exhaust. We seem to accept poor air quality advisories as a fact of life and unfortunately because of our lack of foresight the poor air quality days are on a steep incline.
In addition, city staff need to be advised to follow the anti-idling bylaws that are already in place. Parking enforcement officers, the police and city parks employees have been seen idling their vehicles in public spaces. These individuals become quite defensive when asked the question “Are you aware there is an anti-idling bylaw in place in London?”, which places the questioner in an awkward position.
Citizens should be able to count on our elected officials and health care promoters to work diligently for the protection of the very resources that sustain life: air, land and water. They are the ones with the power to effect real change through effective policy and by-law implementation. Health prevention makes economic sense.
Best wishes,
Teresa Rutten, Maryanne MacDonald
Team Project Members
Waste Free World



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