The Future of Fast Food

Is it possible that a progressive marketing strategy from a fast food chain will be announced? Is there any retailer with a drive-thru that will step up to the plate and close their drive-thru? Perhaps replace the drive-thrus with trees and a lush garden that would serve as an outdoor café. Is any establishment with a drive-thru willing to demonstrate to the world that the health of our children and the future existence of life on our planet supersedes drive-thru profits? Is it possible a marketing strategy could embrace a concept recognizing the fact that people would be most loyal to a retailer whose priorities were the clients themselves? We are quickly approaching the end of the cheap fossil fuel era. Is this not completely irresponsible to waste diminishing fossil fuels in this manner? Drive-thrus are not sustainable and eventually they will go – whether we want them or not. The first retailer that recognizes this simple fact is the retailer who will take the lead in the industry by creating the positive change necessary by way of a new model. A new model and a new way of thinking will be required for any kind of long term future in the fast food industry. Imagine if you were mobility impaired, and you parked at a designated space at a restaurant formerly enslaved by a drive-thru. You would speak into an intercom. Out would come a real live person with your order (perhaps even some day with real live food). I think I remember something like this happened in the not so distant past. It was called a drive-in. The competitor to re-introduce the drive-in, with real dishes and cutlery, serving fair trade, organic food – all powered by renewable, green energy – the first one smart enough and fast enough to do this – will win.


  1. I agree with you until the end of your post. Why would you want a biodegradable container? That would mean that chemicals will be polluting out water and soil. Anything biodegradable is made from some type of chemical process. What if fast food restaurants came out with a fully recyclable container line.

  2. Hey – thanks – you are of course 100% correct. I had written this for a presentation in part to the current fast food industry – I added biodegradables at minimum as I didn’t think they could possibly relate to real dishes quite yet. I have removed this – as I do not believe – like you – that biodegradables are the solution. Yes – better than current – but no – not a long term solution. It is unfortunate that most want the quick fix. We have been supporting our wastefree ontario org. with ‘greening of festivals’ – unfortunately most of them will be using biodegradables (Home County folk festival is on board with real dishes) but the rest are only complying with biodegradables for now. But it is a start. Thanks for pointing this out. It is a really important issue.

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