The Future Belongs to Our Children – Or Does it?

What have we created?  Before 1970 – there were no drive-thrus.  Today – we make excuse after excuse why it is our ‘right’ to use drive-thrus – in light of the fact that drive-thrus contribute to children dying, asthma rates soaring (fourfold over the last fifteen years) and our earths losing ability to take on any more abuse caused by our C02 emissions.
In Ontario, the number of “smog days” nearly quadrupled from 15 in 1995 to 53 in 2005. If nothing is done to clean the air, medical experts estimate that by 2026 the number of smog-related premature deaths in Ontario alone will hit 10,000 annually. The combined health care and lost productivity costs are expected to exceed $1 billion. Pollution is a particularly serious issue for London, Ontario, the city with the province’s second highest number of smog days after Toronto. London has had 3 smog days already this year – all before the month of May.

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