The Bottom Line – Idling Kills

There are now more refugees displaced by climate change environmental disasters than there are refugees displaced by war.  People with families – just like us.  It is sad to know that the people who did little to  contribute to climate change are the very ones suffering the most.  The poor choices we continue to make are killing other people.  Other species.  Each and every minute.  Are we so entitled that we cannot see beyond our own wants?  Not even when it comes to the health of our own children?  Does this not go directly against the most natural instinct in every woman and man?  The natural instinct to protect your child at any and every sacrifice?  The damage to our children’s lungs goes largely unnoticed.  We don’t see our children’s lungs each morning at the breakfast table. Toronto’s medical officer has released a report stating a 30% reduction in vehicle emissions could save 200 lives, one billion dollars a year in health care costs and 68,000 asthma attacks for children a year.  If we had 68,000 children dying a year from leukemia – it would be nothing less than that of a crisis.  One must wonder why there is such apathy towards these numbers when pollution is something we can clearly defeat. The selfish excuse to use drive-thrus because you have children is the poorest excuse when it is ultimately our children’s lives, by way of their health and their future that we are destroying.  If we love our children – surely we can do something as simple as stop idling wherever possible. Whether it is at a railway tracks, waiting at the school or at a drive-thru – the end result is the same.  Idling kills.
Natural Resources Canada clearly states: If your car is stopped for more than ten seconds – turn off your engine.

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