Stopping Idling

Utah Moms Fight Idling. By Elaine Jarvik, Salt Lake Deseret Morning News, January 5, 2008. “On a typical afternoon you’ll see Dana Clark knocking on the window of some car idling in front of the school across from her house. Politely, Clark will explain that turning off an idling engine is something that moms can do to help clean up Utah’s filthy air. But what’s really needed, says Clark, is a more systematic approach — not just a few moms knocking on a few windows but a whole state full of moms lobbying for change. Clark is one of the co-founders of Utah Moms for Clean Air, begun seven months ago… Utah Moms for Clean Air is lobbying for public transportation as a priority over construction of the Mountain View Corridor and will lobby the state to adopt stricter car-emission standards. The group has also been working with the Environmental Protection Agency and local school districts to retrofit diesel school buses so they run more cleanly, and has called for a moratorium on the construction of new coal-fired power plants in Utah and elsewhere.”

Truck Idling Limits Take Effect in California. By Nathan Phelps, Green Bay Press-Gazette, January 3, 2008. “Truck drivers operating in California will face a new regulation this year… aimed at limiting the amount of nitrogen oxide emissions from ‘both in-state and out-of-state registered sleeper berth-equipped trucks.’ Those vehicles had previously been exempted. Idling in California is now limited to five minutes at any location. A pair of Green Bay area carriers say one of the biggest challenges the regulation will pose is keeping the cab cool in the summer, one of the key factors in allowing their drivers to get adequate rest… Under California regulations, violators could face fines starting at $300 and increasing to as much as $1,000 per day. Violators may also face criminal charges.”

Tainan City Becomes First in Taiwan to Ban Idling. Taipei China Post, January 3, 2008. “All motorists and motorcyclists in Tainan City in southern Taiwan are now required to avoid idling the engines of their vehicles for more than three minutes or face fines… City officials yesterday began enforcing the anti-idling policy at the instruction of Mayor Hsu Tain-tsai with an aim to help improve air pollution. The measure makes Tainan the first city or county in [Taiwan] to prohibit drivers from leaving their vehicles’ engines running for more than three minutes when the vehicles are parked. Except those driving police vehicles or fire trucks, drivers who try to evade, interfere with or refuse inspections will face a fine for engine idling.”


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