RWDI Report – Greenwash

We find the RWDI report selective, manipulative and in some respects merely makes the case for why drive thrus generate a greater burden upon climate change and air quality, even though the report’s conclusions suggest otherwise.
The focus seems to be on the morning peak rush hour, using a Tim Horton’s restaurant on Bank Street in Ottawa as the “control” example of emissions from a non drive-thru facility. The report concludes that drive-thru emissions are lower relative to the non drive-thru restaurant. Yes this is true, but only for the one hour that the study focuses upon. The report states quite clearly that in a restaurant where there is ample parking the GHG emissions are less than 1/3 for someone parking their vehicle compared to using the drive thru. By extension one has to ask the question what would be the emissions profile during non-peak hours, and what would be the emissions profile at a restaurant that had ample parking. Their individual vehicle statistic suggests that the overall emission profile (over the entire day) will be higher from restaurants that have drive-thrus compared to 1. a drive-thru restaurant with ample parking; 2. possibly a restaurant without a drive-thru with limited parking.
If you accept their logic that drive-thrus generate less GHGs during the peak morning rush hour than a congested sit-down only restaurant as justification for drive-thrus, at best that would be a justification for operating the drive thru window during the morning rush hour ONLY at restaurants that have limited parking. At restaurants where there is ample parking, the stats clearly demonstrate that drive-thrus are a contributor of greater GHGs… by extension, Tim Horton’s should be closing down all of their drive thru windows where this situation exits.
You can’t have it both ways.

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