Report #17 – May 29th, 2008 – Delegation from the Ontario Restaurant, Hotel & Motel Association

From City of London website:may-29th-from-orhma

—– Original Message —–
From: Michelle Saunders <>
To: Miller, Cheryl
Cc: Nick Javor <>
Sent: Thu May29 17:11:06 2008
Subject: Environment and Transportation Committee
May 29,2008
Councillor Cheryl Miller
Chair – Environment & Transportation Committee
c/o London City Hail
Dear Chair Miller:
On behalf of the Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) I am writing to you requesting the
opportunity to appear before the City of London‘s Environment and Transportation Committee at the June 16th
meeting. At this meeting we will be specifically representing our member restaurant brands namely
McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited, Tim Hortons Inc., Burger King Restaurants of Canada Inc.,
Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada and A & W Foods Service$ of Canada Inc..
As you know, the Planning Committee on Monday May 26th held a public meeting at which time a staff report
titled “The Regulation of Drive-Throughs” was considered. The ORHMA made a deputation before committee
and we discussed how important drive-throughs are to the citizens of London and to those franchisees who
own and operate them as well as the thousands of individuals who work for these member brands in London.
We are seeking the opportunity to present an overview of the results of a scientific research study of air
emissions at restaurants with drive-through facilities, and to discuss the findings with committee members.
~ . . . .. ~I..
We would also provide a brief summary of what our member brands are doing in support of the environment,
as there are a lot of positive initiatives underway that are of benefit to the citizens of London. One of our
presenters will be Mike Lepage of RWDI, the scientist who conducted the air quality study at Tim Hortons
locations. We would appreciate a total of 20-30 minutes for our entire presentation.
Our objective all along has been to work with the City of London in a positive and professional manner. It is
important to us that we present the research findings so that our elected leaders can make the right decisions
based on facts. The drive-through issue is extremely important to us and thus we would appreciate the
opportunity to appear before iiie committee.
I look forward to your response and support to appear as a presenter on June 16th.
Michelle Saunders
Michelle Saunders
Manager of Government Relations
Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association
2600 Skymark Ave., Suite 8-201
Mississauga, ON L4W 582
905-361 -0268/800-668-8906 ext. 307 <;


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