London’s drive-thru debate could lead to a Guinness World Record

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Point of View: London’s drive-thru debate could lead to a Guinness World Record

I know. I should be on the front porch with my second cup of coffee and not sitting here thinking about drive-thrus.

Whether you see pros and cons, lean toward ban or no ban or limited ban or a higher price for drive-thru coffee, want to restrict them or revere them, one thing is likely.

If we keep the debate going for just a few more days London, Ontario will forever be remembered in the Guinness World Book of Records – The City that Couldn’t Decide.

New ideas just keep on a-comin’.

Why just the other day Jay Brodie sent a letter to the editor of the Free Press saying:

“Don’t ban or limit (them), rather force the owners… to maintain a certain speed of service.”

By golly, could ‘force’ work? Could waiting times at airports, hospitals and Midas Muffler shops soon be a thing of the past?

I’m not sure but something else Jay said made me anxious to try it.

“Not only will this make all the environmentally concerned people happy, but patrons such as myself won’t have to wait 15 minutes for a single coffee.”

People actually wait 15 minutes for coffee? Most people, environmentally concerned or not, can make their own – plus a refill – in less than half the time and a quarter of the cost and that’s not even close to the World Record.

May the force be with you, Jay.

(Now, back to the porch.)

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