Letter from a Tim Horton’s Employee

Thanks to this ethical person for writing to us – we hope this will inspire more exploited workers to continue to come forward.  Please remember – London and District Labour Council endorses this campaign & fights for worker’s rights.  We have protected this person’s name on this blog.
Hi, my name is ___ ______. Unfortunately, i was a tim horton’s employee for
three years before quitting last september, and worked there again for a
couple of months this spring/summer because i was short on cash.

I really like what you guys are doing. I just have one suggestion, however,
that’s come to mind from working there the past couple months when all this
started. The way that (at least at my store) the moratorium is being
presented is as a complete ban, i.e. shutting down all existing drive-thrus
as well as banning new ones from being built. This is how it’s being
presented both to employees (i.e. veiled warnings about job cuts because of
the loss of business that shutting down drive-thrus would entail, posted in
the back of the store), and to customers, through leaflets and pamphlets
that are on display at the register. And, of course, they have a huge
audience for this sort of misinformation, and from what i’ve seen, it’s
working. That sort of misinformation on such a large scale could really hurt
your campaign.

You guys might want to think about ways to get the word out on a larger
scale, specifically to let people know that this is a moratorium, not a
complete ban/shutdown, that’s being advocated right now. Thanks, i hope that
helps a little

___ ______


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