It’s our children’s future at stake – not ours.

The climate crisis must be our pre-eminent policy priority. It’s our children’s future at stake – not ours.
March 26th 2008 – A vast hunk of floating ice has broken away from the Antarctic Peninsula, threatening the collapse of a much larger ice shelf behind it, in a development that has shocked climate scientists. Satellite images show that about 160 square miles of the Wilkins ice shelf has been lost since the end of February, leaving the ice interior now “hanging by a thread”. The collapsing shelf suggests that climate change could be forcing change much more quickly than scientists had predicted. Six other ice shelves have already been lost entirely — the Prince Gustav Channel, Larsen Inlet, Larsen B, Wordie, Muller and Jones shelves.
Climate change is too vital an issue to sacrifice to political infighting and cowardice. It is the greatest challenge facing us all, and there will be catastrophic economic and social consequences if we fail to act. However – thus far – we are failing. It can be done and we know the enemy. But where, on our increasingly fragile earth, is the leadership?
We believe the leadership starts here and now. In the city of London.

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