INDUSTRY…Drive-thru Proliferation

It would be wonderful if multinational corporations would place our children, even people in general, before their profits.  However – this is not about to happen.  Corporations are legally bound to show profits to their shareholders first and foremost.  This is at any cost.  There are no boundaries.  There are no ethical or moral considerations. The costs of doing drive-thru business are almost completely externalized. If one had to pay the true cost of a cup of a coffee at a drive-thru window – one can only imagine the exorbitant price.  However – we do pay. We pay with the continued detriment to our planet, we pay the ever escalating costs to a healthcare system in crisis, and ultimately, we are paying with that of our children’s lives. If one can understand corporate greed – then one can you begin to understand why drive-thrus are so enticing to fast food chains with plans to expand and double their drive-thrus over the next five years. This is the exact opposite direction of where we – as a society should be going. Sixty percent of the 129 billion dollar per year industry takes place at the drive-thru window.  China has now introduced drive-thrus.  It is considered a status symbol to sit in a vehicle and idle in a drive-thru in China where emissions have begun to absolutely soar.  Plans to expand drive-thrus in China and throughout Asia have only just begun.

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