From the University of Calgary:

View the study here: edmonton-drive-thru-study

The University of Alberta in Edmonton is one of the top 100 teaching and research universities in the world serving some 37,000 students with more than 11,000 faculty and staff. Founded a century ago, the university has an annual budget in excess of $1 billion and attracts more than $480 million in external research funding. It offers close to 400 undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in 18 faculties.

From the University of Calgary:
Estimated statistics (May 2007) from the University of Calgary found Edmonton drive-thrus contribute an estimated 25 tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere per day. (Enough to fill over 12 NHL hockey rinks per day) Over a year, this could represent up to 9,000 tons. Using a total of 115 cities with same population and the same amount of drive-thrus, this could generate a total of I MILLION TONS in a year, and this is just for larger cities in Canada.
Now – How many trees to do we need to plant in order to offset 1 million tons of carbon in one year? 277 million trees. Even if this was possible – should we not be planting trees to offset something we actually need to live?  Perhaps heat that we need to survive in the winter months?  Is the industry going to plant these trees annually?  We don’t think so.
Does your head hurt yet?  Is anyone enraged yet?  Do we need a reality check?

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