From the TDL Group – RWDI Study

From the TDL Group (Tim Horton’s): Tim Horton’s is Licensed by TDL Group Ltd which is owned by Wendy’s International which a U.S. company.
The RWDI study would have us believe that customers are being more environmental by sitting in a drive-thru and idling than they are to park and walk in. In this study its conclusion states “Overall, the findings for Tim Horton’s stores examined in this study indicate no air quality benefit to the public by eliminating drive-thrus”.  The report states that the Tim Horton locations without drive-thrus produce more emissions than the stores with drive-thrus.
How can this be?
The report claims that the clients who are parking and walking in – are on site for an average 7-8 minutes.  In the most bizarre twist – it is stated that most of the additional time was a result of vehicles idling while waiting for a parking space because the lot was congested.
From the study: The emission inventory for the drive-thru portion of the facility was compared to “everyday” emission sources (i.e. lawn mowers, snow blowers etc.)
Now – just an fyi – if you didn’t know this already – push lawn mowers produce approx. 11 times the emissions than that of a car – riding lawn mowers produce approx. 34 times the emissions than that of a car. (Source- EPA) Also – according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the typical two-cycle snow blower can expel nearly a pound of carbon monoxide for every hour it runs. One wonders who considers lawn mowers, snow blowers (and incidentally leaf blowers – see below) to “‘everyday” emission sources.
They compare combined emissions of all vehicles using a drive-thru in one peak hour (137 vehicles times idling 3 to 4.5 minutes each) to that of a single chain saw operating for one hour.  Just another fyi – the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that operating a chainsaw for one hour produces the same amount of exhaust emissions as driving an automobile for 1,000 kilometers.

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