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The industry states local jobs will be lost.  Is this a viable argument?  Red Roaster seems to be doing well in London.  There are cafes and restaurants across Canada – with no drive-thrus – all doing well.  Speaking of fast food industry employment – health for most minimum wage fast food employees working a drive-thru window does not seem to be a very high priority.  Does anyone recall second hand smoke?  Let’s consider first hand vehicle exhaust.  With no paid health benefits for the majority of employees in the fast food industry their health seems completely irrelevant and disregarded. Please note the industry is now testing and are already implementing outsourcing your drive-thru order.  The next time you press an intercom at a drive-thru – you may be speaking to someone in India.  Hmmm. What happened to keeping the jobs local?  Fast food multinationals who make billions in profits continue to pay their hard working employees anything more than poverty wages.  And even this is considered too high.  Why pay minimum wage in North America when you can exploit someone in India?
The London and District Labour Council has endorsed our campaign including the moratorium on drive-thrus.

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