Drive-thrus – A Tiny Piece of a Big Puzzle. A Place to Start.

The campaign for a moratorium began not with a conviction that banning new drive-thrus would make a gigantic difference in the grand scheme of the social, economic, political, and ecological mess we are in.

But it did seem to be a valuable opening to initiate dialogue and raise consciousness on a range of important and interwoven issues, such as our society’s:

inordinate greenhouse gas emissions;

  • unconscious sense of entitlement to wasteful consumption patterns;
  • air quality problems and associated respiratory ailments;
  • illogical and destructive devotion to more sprawl and congestion, especially in the age of peak oil,
  • etc., etc.

And, of course, there was also the hope that a moratorium could even represent a first – and admittedly modest and partially symbolic – step towards both conceiving and building a newer, healthier, more sustainable city that is less devoted to oil and the automobile.


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