Coffee’s more important than the environment?

Coffee’s more important than the environment?

The Windsor Star
Fri 27 Jun 2008
Page: A11
Section: Editorial/Opinion
Byline: Stuart Trew
Source: Windsor Star

Re: Canadian Idle: Support Your Local Drive-Thru, June 24 editorial.

When climate experts warn us we need to significantly cut back on fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions if we are to survive as a species, it is incredible to see a newspaper claiming that a fast -food restaurant’s desire to make money should be able to block even tiny steps toward a cleaner future.

The proposed moratoriums on drive-thrus in municipalities across Canada are just that — small steps that would put minor limits on corporate activity for the sake of a drop in emissions from needlessly idling vehicles. These cities are perfectly within their rights to propose such small measures, which are in all of our interests at the end of the day. But it is even more worrying that The Windsor Star would promote an increase in the number of drive-thrus in Canada, based on a study funded by Tim Hortons, which has a vested interest in blocking any moratoriums. Why is our right to a double-double worth more than our right to a clean and breathable future?


Ontario-Quebec regional organizer

Council of Canadians


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