City resets date for public meeting on London’s drive-thru ban

The date’s been set for the public to get their say about the proposed controversial drive-thru ban, a topic that has many tongues wagging in the Forest City and is behind a petition campaign at some local establishments, looking to stop the proposal from becoming a reality.

A date was set earlier this month, but that meeting was postponed when too many people showed up a council chambers.

The newly scheduled date for the public meeting, to be held at Centennial Hall, 550 Wellington St., N., is Tuesday, July 15, at 4 p.m.

The issue of banning drive-thrus is one that has become front and centre in communities across the country, with many cities questioning whether that aspect of what is primarily the food service industry is still a good idea when one considers air quality and traffic congestion.

Those who support a new bylaw in London argue it’s a step towards reducing car emissions but the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association has stated that argument is misleading, and has launched it’s own website and petition (see link), which London patrons of some area businesses may have noticed in recent weeks.
,br> Association officials paid for a peer-reviewed study which they say found the elimination of drive-thrus would not have any environmental impact. In addition, drive-thrus are a response to customer demand and provide an important service for the disabled, elderly or parents with children in car seats.

A City of London media release, announcing the public meeting, said the purpose of the meeting is to “comprehensively review the current regulation of drive-thrus in the city of London; review other municipal approaches; and recommend changes to address issues of aesthetics, traffic impacts, and noise and safety.”

While cities in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia have pondered banning new drive-thrus, no municipality to date has passed an outright ban.


I am really sick of this whole fiasco and I can’t believe how much money the restaurant industry has spent on advertising to try to keep drive-thrus open in this city — Not to mention they make sure they only pay minimum wage — or less — to their stressed out employees. Just ask labour standards. Spending all this money must be MADDENING to the employees who pass by the mega-buck plasma TVs to serve you your junk food. People can make their own decisions…thank you very much. We’re not blind or stupid. It’s ALWAYS about MONEY! What about the environment? Over 200 in London? That’s ridiculous! I don’t use them. Never will. I actually get off my butt and go inside. I get way faster service and my car doesn’t run needlessly killing trees and polluting the neighbours. And if Nanna is 83 and needs to jump snow banks to enter the store than so be it. That just brings up another issue of — How old is too old to drive? The bottom line is — and I believe the majority of the public already knows — drive-thrus are VERY BAD for the environment. It’s not rocket science.
By: pessy on 06/27/2008

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