Calling UWO Environmental Studies Department…RWDI Review …

Where are our esteemed academics in London? We hope they are not lost under a big mountain of throw-way coffee cups. If you are out there – you know who you are – please contact us.

Comment from a scientist in Halifax:

“I’ve briefly looked over the report and it definitely appears to be exactly that.. a circling the wagons approach. There are several problems with the study. Have you attempted to collaborate with the UWO environmental studies department. Perhaps someone there would really enjoy writing a critique of this report. It’s very bad. What they show is that one walk in restaurant that does not have a drive thru has particular traffic congenstion problems. This is probably why it doesn’t have a drive thru in the first place. The entire area probably has traffic congenstion problems.”

“I wouldn’t be worried about cold calling the department. Many scientists would find writing a brief report refuting crap like this both fun and a civic duty.”

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