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Anti-Idling Programs

Have you ever left your car engine running while you waited to pick up your children, or while you waited in the drive-through line at your bank or a favorite fast-food restaurant? Have you sometimes let your engine idle for several minutes to warm up your car first thing in the morning? Most of us have. But when you leave your car or truck running while it’s parked or sitting still, the engine produces air pollution. This pollution contributes to problems like smog and global warming, as well as being harmful to health.

A great deal of idling takes place at schools, where buses and cars line up to drop off and pick up children, and the children end up breathing the exhaust. Stopping unnecessary vehicle idling is one relatively easy way to contribute to improved air quality and respiratory health in our communities.

This web site offers ideas and tools for conducting an anti-idling program at schools. Materials may also be adaptable for programs at other locations.

Idling Reduction Tool Kit Index – Create your own anti-idling program using our free, ready-to-use, down-loadable materials. Use “as-is,” or adapt for your own anti-idling campaign.

For LOTS & LOTS of Resources:


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