A Common Goal of Survival

Our planet is headed towards complete Armageddon – much faster than scientists previously predicted.  Glaciers are melting.  Ice shelves are breaking off.  Natural disasters are happening at unprecedented rates.  Deaths from pollution are skyrocketing.  What does it even say about our human race, our society as a whole that we even need to continue in such discussion?  There should be no debate.  At this point – we should all be working together in absolute unity toward a common goal.  A common goal of survival.  A common goal of protecting our children at all costs. If we are to survive as a species – we must reduce our emissions by 80% by 2050. The bottom line is that this means a bold and comprehensive shift in our energy priorities starting now. Cutting or emissions by 80% over the next 40 years will not be easy. It is the greatest challenge we have ever faced. The industry needs to be cutting emissions by 2% per year to reach this target. Not increasing emissions. Not defending emissions.
This is nothing less than the responsibility of every person and industry on this planet and multinational corporations are not exempt. Climate change leaves no room for apathy, laziness, selfishness or greed.

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