Perhaps in addition to industry gifting our children with ‘happy’ meals and summer camp, perhaps fast food chains can start supplying puffers to children with Asthma.
When our children and grandchildren someday, (coming soon) ask us why we did not immediately cease all unnecessary forms of C02 emissions to mitigate against climate change – when we knew full well the consequences – what are we going to say?  “I’m sorry sweetheart – society really couldn’t give up the luxury of the drive-thru – that was just too much to ask.  I’m sorry we destroyed your chances for a future on the planet, but it was just more sacrifice than one could be expected to endure.”
What a legacy.
Our eco footprint is more than four times larger than what is sustainable.  We still want more? If there is to be a future on this planet – we need to re-design our lives to live using 80% less. We don’t have to sacrifice our quality of life to combat climate change, however, we do need to change the way we live.  And simple, is more often than not, beautiful.

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