What They Are Saying About Madison: “This drive-thru world, it just ain’t right”

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The Beastie Boys once said “This drive-thru world it just ain’t right” and a Madison Plan Commission member seems to be taking that nugget of wisdom literally. Visitors to the front page of Drudge Report yesterday were greeted with a top right column link declaring: “Wisconsin city may ban restaurant drive-throughs over global warming concerns…” Madison on Drudge, always a good thing, let the bloviating begin.

The story, according to Mike Ivey over at the Cap Times, is that during a recent Plan Commission meeting Eric Sundquist suggested that the city have stricter regulations on drive-thrus in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles idling as they wait for food or coffee. This suggestion came during a discussion regarding a new Starbucks that seeks to open at a heavily congested section of East Washington Ave. Two key points seemingly missed by many, but written very clearly in Ivey’s article.

1) The Plan Commission is not considering a ban or the tighter regulations at this time. It was simply brought up by Sundquist.

2) Sundquist does plan to bring the tighter drive-thru regulations up with the Long Range Transportation Planning Commission, but has not yet done so.



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