How you can help impose Canada’s first moratorium on drive-thrus:

Send a letter of support for a moratorium to the committee.  Emails are listed below for your convenience. A Sample letter is also provided below.

    • Ask your family physician for a letter of support.

    • Come to city hall to show your support: Do not underestimate the power of your presence.  We need everyone to turn up in then gallery. Your time will be required for these matters in the future if you believe in the changes that are to be made and hopefully address the need to retain our shared natural capital.  Please, if you can add support to plucking of a low hanging fruit, try to get anyone and everyone that can possibly make it to the City Hall on Tuesday the 17th at the council chamber for 7pm.  You are welcome to speak if you wish to do so. (5 min. max.)

    • Forward this message.

    • Always avoid idling wherever possible.  Stop using drive-thrus altogether.  Shut off your vehicle at railway tracks.  Work with your family and community to curb our addiction to oil.  Walk, bike, use public transit, rollerblade, skateboard, etc.

    On a last note, the issue of the drive thru is a principle of a much larger paradigm.  If one recognizes the impacts of climate change as a long term problem, people in South Western Ontario have to also be part of the solution.  To remind you all, 80% reductions are required from now on and it may take 10 years to achieve a major proportion of this requirement.  To waste declining fossil fuels and pollute our children’s air which contributes towards climate change, just to purchase fast food items, is not a right anyone should be fighting for.  It’s an embarrassing statement about our society as a whole.  This is something that we can change.  And we will.

    Please feel free to copy, change, and edit this sample letter as you see fit:

    Dear Planning Committee, Mayor, Controller and Councillors,

    On Tuesday night we have an opportunity to place our city on the map in Canada and around the world.  Today I ask you to embrace and support such an opportunity.

    Sometimes we need to think the unthinkable, particularly when dealing with a problem as dangerous as climate change – there is no room for dogma when considering the future habitability of our planet.

    Drive-thrus are not a necessity we need in order to survive.  In fact – they directly oppose a future of sustainability. They are counterproductive to community.  They contribute to an escalating epidemic of obesity, asthma & other respiratory illnesses.  Drive-thrus contribute to the gravest threat our species has ever faced – that of climate change. Drive-thrus are an incredible detriment to our environment, to our children, and to our children’s future survival on our small, finite planet.   The world wide statistics on air pollution are staggering.  The toll from air pollution is externalized on to our health care system at the expense of our children.  The cost of acquiescing on this issue is enormous. There were no drive-thrus before 1970.  We survived.  Today 60 percent of a 129 billion dollar fast food industry is done at the drive-thru window with expansion plans to double drive-thrus over the next five years.  Asia now plans to emulate North America in regards to drive-thrus following the poor example we as a society have set for the rest of the world to emulate.  It is time to change this. A moratorium on drive-thrus is a very symbolic step in the right direction that we must have the courage to take.

    Climate Change is accelerating.  As of May, 2008, our C02 emissions have reached now reached the highest point ever witnessed in 650,000 years.  We must work together to negate all unnecessary emission sources whatever way possible.  No exceptions.  It is high time to place our environment and the health and well being of our children ahead of business interests and profits.

    The industry is stating that drive thrus are not as bad as parking a car.  The fact is that the drive-thrus are actually being planned to be in areas where pedestrians do not go.  As such, fast food is now a vehicle issue rather than a pedestrian issue.  If we, as a community, cannot even find the courage to support a moratorium on new drive-thrus (keeping in mind we already have 160 drive-thrus available for citizens who insist on using them) then how are we going to address the main concerns of global heating?  We are sadly, thus far, quickly losing the battle just through selfishness and overloading of research reports.

    I hereby request that staff be directed to review the possibility of imposing a moratorium on all new commercial drive thru operations and establish a timetable to phase out all existing drive-thru operations through zoning or other by-laws, including the implications of such a prohibition. I also request that existing drive-thrus be closed on all smog days.

    Can our city make this symbolic decision that will no doubt inspire cities across North America & the world?  Ultimately the difference between the scenarios is one of political will: the question now is whether humanity can summon up the courage and foresight to save itself, or whether business as usual – on climate policy as much as economics – will condemn us all to climatic oblivion.

    Thank you,

    ________________________ (your name)

    CA7VHL7R“Let every individual and institution now think and act as a responsible trustee of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will provide a sustainable future, eliminate pollution, poverty and violence, awaken the wonder of life and foster peaceful progress in the human adventure.”

    Contact Information:

    Planning Committee / Mayor, Controller and Councillors:

    Anne Marie DeCicco-Best:

    Gina Barber:

    Judy Bryant:

    Nancy Branscombe:

    Bud Polhill:

    Paul VanMeerburg:

    Roger Caranci:

    Staff that need to be cc’d:

    Lorelei Fisher:

    Chuck Parker:


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