Congratulations & excellent work on all of our emerging activists at Clarke Road, Clarke Road, Monseigneur-Bruyare, and HB Beal!!!


You were all amazing!!!


Video footage is online at: or


Special thanks to Jenn Gilbert for organizing this protest with her students.  Hopefully other educators will follow her inspiration lead.  Jenn was also great on CBC radio this morning – as well was Dan Hammond.


Thanks also to Empowerment for joining our protests. Students will be organizing for a new location next Friday – if interested in helping out – please contact Dan Hammond at



Protesters tell drive-thru customers that ‘Idling kills’

Fri, May 23, 2008



Some Tim Hortons customers and managers got more than cream and sugar with their coffees this morning.

A crowd of 15 high school students and local activists staked out the restaurant’s drive-thru at Clarke Road and Trafalgar Street to protest greenhouse-gas emissions caused by idling in line.

This prompted Tim Hortons managers to ask them to protest off the property.

“I don’t mind the folks getting out their message” as long as they do it safely, said Tim Hortons’ regional manager Nick Javor.

Waving signs reading “Idling Kills” and wearing air-filter masks, the protesters were lined up along the drive-thru entrance.

Some of them said to passing drivers, “Can we take your order?” and “You’re killing your daughter.”

Protesters said they hope to ban drive-thrus in London, and to encourage customers to save some gas by parking and going inside for a coffee.

“We organized this because right now climate change is the top priority on our planet,” said Cory Morningstar, president of Council of Canadians, which arranged the event.

The protest was also timed to coincide with this coming Monday’s city-council meeting about possibly banning or limiting drive-thrus in London.

But some customers weren’t convinced the protest would get rid of drive-thrus.

“Give me a break. It won’t do anything,” said Ben Cote of London, who rode his bike to Tim Hortons this morning.

“The gas could go up to a $1.50 or $2 and it’s not going to stop anyone.”

The protest involved activists and students from four London secondary schools: Clarke Road, Monseigneur-Bruyare, HB Beal and South.

It’s part of the Council’s Clean Air for Children campaign, which launched this month.

For the latest local coverage, read The London Free Press on the web or in print.



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