Expansive tastes

UPDATED: 2008-03-05 04:16:39 MST


Quiznos plans to sink its corporate teeth deeper into Calgary this year by opening three new outlets, CEO Greg MacDonald said yesterday.

The toasted-sandwich maker currently operates 25 outlets in Calgary.

MacDonald said Calgary is a "good development market" because of the city’s strong economy, noting Quiznos’ profits in Calgary, as well as the rest of Canada, have ballooned 200% since 2005.

Also this year, Quiznos will start experimenting with drive-thus. To date, the Denver, Col.-headquartered restaurant chain, unlike many of its competitors, doesn’t operate that staple of the North American fast-food industry.

About half of all sales at restaurants operating drive-thrus are made at the drive-thru window.


MacDonald said Quiznos hasn’t been hurt by the fact none of its restaurants has a drive-thru. But, he conceded profits could increase once the service is implemented.

"We don’t need to do drive-thrus, but it’s just a matter of how you can grab more sales," he said.

"We have to logistically figure out how to make it work. But we put people on the moon, so I’m sure we can make drive-thrus work."

A related issue is drive-thrus have been caught in the crosshairs of the environmental movement, which argues cars idling in a lineup contribute to pollution.

Debate about whether drive-thr us should be regulated is heating up city hall in London, Ont., and it has surfaced briefly in Calgary.




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