Councillor Shirley Eggleton is continuing her campaign for clean air, asking staff to do up a second report on the usage of drive-thrus.

The focus this time is on employees who drive City owned vehicles.
Coun. Eggleton wants to ban the vehicles from being allowed to go through any drive-thrus.
Her motion was passed at Monday’s (Feb. 25) Committee of the Whole meeting at City Hall.
Staff is already working on a report on drive-thrus, looking at whether there’s any way to regulate them.
Also during Monday’s meeting, councillors agreed to forgive $204,900 of a loan granted in 1993 to the Peterborough Lion’s Club.
The Club received a total of $350,000 for its community centre on Burnham Street but it hasn’t been able to make a payment on the loan since 2002.
The City would also designate the centre as a municipal capital facility.
A review of the Community Centre’s annual audited statements from 2002 to 2006  shows an average annual operating deficit of $31,920.
All decisions need final approval at next week’s full Council meeting.
Other decisions at the Committee of the Whole meeting are:
• A report was received to let Council know that it cost $155,175.19 for emergency repairs done to the Jackson Creek culvert under the Simcoe Street  Parking Garage. The damage was a result of the 2004 flood.
• The tender for the supply, delivery and installation of equipment at  the Wastewater Treatment Plant was awarded to Peak Engineering and Construction of Brighton at a cost of $839,475.
• The tender to upgrade sport field lighting on Hogan Pitch of Eastgate Memorial Park was awarded to  Tri-Line Electric Ltd., of 785 The Kingsway for a value of $204,750.        
• Received a report on City investments which shows that over the course of the year the average cash and investment balance was $87.6 million, compared to $77.8 million in 2006. In all, 353 separate investments were made, total interest earned was $4.09 million. The overall rate of return was 4.65 per cent.
• Agreed to look into buying software that would save the City considerable time and money in putting together agendas for the various meetings at City Hall. Clerk Nancy Wright-Laking told councillors it is a step that will make it easier when, in the future, Council wants to get rid of paper agendas in favour of e-agendas.


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