(Letters) Thursday, 21 February 2008, 17:43 PST

— Loreen Obst Prince George   

I feel sorry for the people who work or live next to the establishments with drive-thrus who are breathing the fumes of the non stop line up of idling cars.

I understand the mom or dad who drive thru because they don’t want to pack all the kids in or anyone handicapped or in poor health, or the safety factor at night time, but what kind of example are we setting (we tell kids to be active) when we can’t even get out of the car to buy a cup of coffee?

And even worse – drive thru banking? Sorry, can’t imagine that that one is even safe.

I remember the drive-in restaurants, namely Dog ‘N’ Suds where they had the best Coney chips, foot-longs and ice cream floats. The difference was we turned our cars off.

In no way is this letter an intent to slam these establishments — I only wish I would have thought of it — but I would not have had drive-thrus.

I just want the lone person in their car next time they are contemplating the drive-thru instead of running in to ask themselves: Is the cost to the environment worth the convenience of the drive-thru?

— Loreen Obst

Prince George



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