Ban drive throughs and solve traffic problems

The city is planning to extend Pine Street to address traffic issues on Great Northern Road between Northern Avenue and Second Line.

Millions of dollars will be wasted on this project and valuable pristine green space will be sacrificed for the almighty car. It will increase traffic on Pine Street affecting quality of life and decreasing property values for area residents.

The irony is that it will not solve the problem of congestion on Great Northern Road.

Current research in traffic engineering suggests that the only long-term solution to traffic congestion is to use methods that reduce the number of cars on the road rather than making more roads for more cars. More roads makes it easier to drive, which encourages more people to drive and the "solution" becomes the problem.

Cities such as London, Paris, New York, Vancouver, Ottawa and Seattle understand that the only way to address traffic congestion is to make it more difficult and expensive to drive, while creating facilities that encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transit.

There is a very simple free solution to the Great Northern Road "traffic congestion" problem: eliminate drive throughs. Money saved from not extending Pine Street could be used to make the area friendlier to pedestrians and cyclists. This would encourage people to walk or cycle instead of driving to go to the various eating establishments on this stretch of road.

It’s not really a new idea as you don’t see drive throughs on Yonge Street in Toronto because of the traffic problems they create.

Drive throughs are being banned in many cities in North America for the same reason.

Eliminating drive throughs in Sault Ste. Marie would be a no-cost solution to the Great Northern Road and many other traffic problem areas in our city.

Andre Riopel,

Case Road



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