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  • Drive-thrus causing headaches on city roads


Drive-thrus causing headaches on city roads

Posted 1 day ago


Somebody is going to get hurt. It might be me who does the hurting.

Last time I checked, 1st Avenue East was still a thoroughfare, not a ramp to the Tim Hortons drive-thru. Countless times I have had to make a split-second choice driving that street: do a U-turn, take a longer detour to get to my destination or dodge between the drivers idling with their turn signals on. Have you attempted this last maneuver?

Some idling drivers will honk or move into your path, insisting that they have a right to block traffic flow so that they can get their Timmy fix without actually having to step out of their car. It happens at the top of 10th Street East at that Tim Horton’s too. Cars back up through two intersections creating dirty grid-lock that is totally avoidable.

(By the way, an essential rule of the road is that you are supposed to keep all intersections clear at all times!)

Can the powers that be insist that all drive-thrus everywhere be reserved specifically for people with babies in their vehicles or disabled drivers and/or occupants? It is mind-numbing hypocrisy to allow this hazard to continue while municipalities introduce anti-idling bylaws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Can we treat the drive-thru access the same as a disabled parking space?

Think of the benefits: reduced CO2, fewer angry drivers, less gridlock and more exercise for an overfed population!

Kate McLaren RR 1 Meaford


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